As Kefaluka Resort;
  • While institutionalized, we establish our quality management system in accordance with international standards and ensure that it is implemented with all our employees,
  • We constantly measure and improve the services we provide to our guests.
  • We provide food that is physically, chemically and microbiologically appropriate to ensure that our guests are fed in a healthy manner. In our business, we apply food safety and hygiene standards in the raw materials procurement, storage, preparation and presentation stages of food.
  • We create our open and transparent management style with professionalism, honesty and diligence principles.
  • For sustainable tourism, we keep our activities under control and reduce water consumption, chemical use and waste generation. We prefer to protect nature in the selection of chemicals we use.
  • We share with our employees, our guests, our local stakeholders and our suppliers for the work we do to protect the natural life, to improve the environment and to see how important the protection is.
  • We act together for the welfare of all our employees, defending their fundamental rights, protecting occupational health and safety, minimizing potential work accidents and their effects, and in accordance with laws and regulations related to environmental and occupational safety. The activities that we do are favored by the living people in our region, contribute to their professional development, and we support and support the local companies in the supply of raw materials. We make social responsibility projects for needy people and contribute to their development.

As Kefaluka Resort;
  • Environmentallyfriendlypackagedproductsareourprimarypreferenceforourmaterialpurchases.
  • Wetakecaretochooseoursuppliersfromtheenvironmentallyconsciouscompanies.
  • Weprefertoworkprimarilywithlocalcompaniesprovidedthattheymeetthecriteriaforpurchasing.
  • We evaluatet he suppliers on a regular basis.
  • We supply all the goods and services required for our operation at the highest possible quality, on time, at reason able prices and paymentterms.
  • We would prefer to be A +++ class product group when purchasing energy consumption related equipment.

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